Vintage Car Engagement Photos in the Arizona Desert

Engagement photo sessions are all about having a great time and letting your true selves shine! One way to infuse your engagement shoot with personality, aesthetics, and a timeless vibe is by incorporating props. Just like Carlos and Tati did when they decided to roll in with a vintage car for their engagement photos! Not only did it give them the perfect look, but it also made their session unforgettable. That old-school beauty brought a ton of personality to their photos!

Setting the Vintage Car Engagement Photo Scene 

Carlos and Tati’s engagement photos took place at the gorgeous Phon D Sutton in Arizona. We timed it to start at the beginning of golden hour and then we had the most beautiful sunset (Arizonas are the BEST). Once the sun went down I grabbed my flash for some fun vintage-style flash photos! They were so amazing to work with and I feel like their vibe totally matched with the vintage car! They showed up saying how they didn’t know what to do but they did such an incredible job in front of the camera with my directing!

Pick Your Prop 

Picking the perfect prop can truly elevate your engagement session, making it uniquely reflective of your personality. Whether it’s a vintage car, a cozy picnic setup, or even your furry friend, the right prop adds a personal touch that transforms ordinary photos into something extraordinary. Think about what represents you both as a couple and choose a prop that helps tell your unique love story. And if you need some help deciding, I’m here! 

It’s Giving Aesthetic 

Carlos and Tati’s vintage car engagement photos in Arizona serves as a FAB example of how props can elevate the aesthetic of your session! So choose your prop, match it with the place and your outfits, and voila! You’ll have timeless, unforgettable photos that tell your love story beautifully. 

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