Emotional Waterfall Engagement Photos in Arizona

When you think of Arizona, waterfalls might not exactly be the first thing to pop into your mind, right? As a candid Arizona wedding and couples photographer, I LOVE finding rad places like this for adventurous couples to celebrate and document their love in. And to make it not just a photo session but also an unforgettable experience! I recently had the pleasure of taking Andrew and Ageia’s waterfall engagement photos in Payson, Arizona and it was absolutely incredible!!

Waterfall Engagement Photos | The Location 

This waterfall is a hidden gem and remains one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets! Getting there requires a 2-mile hike over lots of rocks and several river crossings (you will get wet!). But once you reach the end, the waterfall’s beauty makes every step totally worth it.

June in Arizona can be pretty warm, but this day was perfect. 

The highlight was definitely cooling off in the waterfall – the perfect post-hike treat! The whole scene was such a vibe! You could hear the water flowing and once it got closer to sunset we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves and it was GREAT! Plus seeing A + A relax and open up in front of the camera as the session went on was amazing. 

How Andre Met Ageia 

“My first memory of Ageia was seeing her as a bridesmaid wearing a mask due to covid. All I could see were her beautiful eyes. I told myself later at the reception I was going to find and meet her. The rest of the night was history.” – Andre

“It’s funny that the evening I finally decided to stop looking for someone is the evening I met the love of my life.” – Ageia

Their story is filled with many serendipitous moments and I am thrilled to have captured a chapter of such a connection! *heart eyes* 

Arizona isn’t just about its deserts and cacti

There are these hidden gems, like this beautiful waterfall in Payson, that just blow your mind. For couples like Andrew and Ageia who are all about adventure, these spots are like hidden treasures of unforgettable experiences and one-of-a-kind love stories! 

So, if you’re a couple looking to add some excitement to your engagement photos…

I say we ditch the clichés and head to a waterfall in Arizona!! Inquire on my website and let’s create some photo magic together! I can’t wait to hear your story.

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