Cannon Beach Engagement Photos: More Than Just a Photoshoot 

Cannon Beach Engagement Photos: More Than Just a Photoshoot 

When you treat your engagement photoshoot like a date, and we’re right there, blending in like friends capturing the good times, that’s when the real magic happens. These weren’t your typical Cannon Beach engagement photos; it was a full-on celebration of love, and it was clear that Karly and Zach were in it for the adventure, not just the photos. With laughter and beachside frolics in full swing, you couldn’t help but feel the good vibes rolling in.

The Location  

Cannon Beach, an adorable coastal town in Oregon, is known for its incredible natural wonders, including the iconic Haystack Rock. It’s the kind of place Tyler and I absolutely love traveling to for photoshoots. Being in locations as stunning as this AND getting to document love stories is our passion. The backdrop here is nothing short of epic; it’s without a doubt beautiful, making it a dream setting for capturing moments of love and adventure. It’s typically a little moody, but Karly and Zach brought their own sunshine.

Charcuterie and Champagne 

Karly and Zach had packed a whole picnic to enjoy on the beach and take in the view. After we were done taking photos by the water, they did an outfit change and we found a perfect private spot on the beach where they set up a charcuterie board and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate! It felt like a scene straight out of a rom-com! 

 These are the moments….

That’ll keep a smile on your face whenever they cross your mind! It’s all about capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions you experienced in that chapter of your story. And when you have both photos and video footage, it’s like owning a magical time capsule that can instantly whisk you back to an unforgettable day, giving you the power to relive it whenever your heart desires.

So, what do you say?

Ready to laugh at my terrible jokes while I take photos you’ll be thrilled to hang in your home for decades? I can’t wait to get started! Contact us today.


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