Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

As an Arizona wedding photographer and videographer team, you may think that we are a bit biased on the subject. However, we truly and wholeheartedly believe that investing in not only your wedding photography, but your wedding videography as well is extremely important. Although we could go on and on about the subject here is just a list of reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer.

Videos Are Able To Capture What Videos Can’t

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer | Arizona Wedding Videographer

One of the many benefits when it comes to hiring a wedding videographer is that videos are able to capture what photos can’t. While we all love a good photo, you can’t hear the gasp as your bridesmaids see you in your wedding dress for the first time. Videos can capture the moment your dad gives you a small little pep talk just before walking down the aisle. Hiring a wedding videographer creates not only a visual experience but an auditory one as well. They are able to capture the voice of a loved one who is no longer with us. As much as these things tend to get overlooked, thinking about how much these moments will mean to you in the future is everything.

Your Wedding Videographer Sees Everything You Don’t

Hiring a wedding videographer allows you to have a second (or third) pair of eyes on your wedding day. As you’re running around focusing on ya know… getting married, your wedding videographer is there capturing it all. As an Arizona wedding photographer and videographer team, we focus on capturing the big and little moments. The moments that mean the most to you like your getting ready, ceremony, and reception. However, we’re not only focusing on that. We’re focusing on the tears that are shed as your mom watches your first dance with your dad. Or the happiness overwhelming your wedding guests as they watch you say your vows. It’s an experience unlike any other and deserves to be documented. So while you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, as you should, your wedding videographer handles capturing the big, little, and in-between moments.

You Can Experience Your Wedding Day Whenever You Want

Hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding day gives you the chance to witness your wedding day over and over again. While looking at your beautiful wedding images are a major plus, add witnessing your love story unfold right in front of you in a perfectly curated video. A day that is “once-in-a-lifetime” is right there, in the palm of your hands to relive. Now if that’s not a deal-breaker for you, then I don’t know what is!

You’re Hiring Someone Reliable To Capture Your Memories

Arizona Wedding Photo & Video

On your wedding day, the last thing that you want to worry about is who is capturing what. Hiring a wedding videographer allows you to have peace of mind on your wedding day. Peace of mind that someone reliable is capturing your memories. Rather than relying on friends and family to document videos on their phones/cameras, it allows everyone (including you) to be stress-free. Focus on living in the moment, while your wedding videographers do the rest of the work.

Wedding Videos Are Perfect For Sharing With Friends & Family

Arizona Wedding Videographer

There is nothing better than looking in your inbox to find a link to your perfectly curated wedding video. You have been waiting months for this and it is finally here and it was worth it. One of the great things about hiring a wedding videographer and having a wedding video is how easily shareable it is. This is especially great for elopements and intimate weddings. If you had a much smaller wedding where not that many guests could attend, you can easily share your wedding video with those who weren’t able to experience it in person. It shows family & friends that you want them to indulge in the experience with you and have them witness everything that you witnessed.

Your Wedding Video Can Be Your Legacy

When you were a kid, did you ever find an old video that your parents made, and sat in front of the TV and watched it? We certainly have. It is moments like these as children that are engrained in our brains. It’s because it’s your parent’s legacy, and now it’s your legacy. Your wedding video is more than just capturing the moment for you. But it’s a moment to capture for your family and future generations. It’s to see what “mom & dad” were like growing up. Or how they fell in love. Maybe it’s something you show your nieces and nephews to show you how much of a “cool aunt/uncle” you are. Whatever have you, your wedding video is more than just for you and your partner. It’s can be your legacy to pass on.

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

At this point you should know why hiring a wedding videographer can be so special for your wedding day. It gives you an opportunity to relive your special day, capture moments that can never be replicated, and gives you a chance to live in the moment. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. Celebrating your wedding day to the absolute fullest and creating memories.

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