Moody and Bohemian Wedding in Tucson, Arizona

I know you’re going to love these incredible photos from Marley and Daniel’s wedding day!

I have been daydreaming about this incredible, moody and bohemian wedding day from last March! These two put together such a modern, romantic hippie-esque day that blew my mind! I’ve known these lovers for quite some time now, and it was SO fun to finally celebrate with them. Every single detail was so incredibly executed, and there was SO MUCH LOVE. We even got to meet up the day before for a super romantic shoot before their wedding. I first met these two way back when I captured their engagement photos, and they have always been such an incredible couple. They have such a unique story, straight out of a movie you guys. These two are meant to be! One of the best parts of my job is hearing all kinds of different love stories, and I definitely owe you all some details about theirs…


Marley and Daniel are both HUGE sustainability junkies. They have massive hearts, and both really care about the environment. I mention this, because go figure, they met years ago for the very first time at Lush. It was a typical day for Marley, working her shift, and according to Daniel, lookin’ damn good doing it. After chatting a little bit about a few products, connecting over their love for sustainability, I’m willing to bet that sparks were flying. When Marley noticed him walking out of the store, she shouted “Bye Dan!” and that definitely lingered in his mind.

Later on, he strolled back into the store, butterflies in his stomach, and told Marley he would LOVE to hangout sometime. He mentioned that he LOVED how passionate she was about her job, and thought she was a really cool person. As time went on, these two really got to know each other. After a stressful day at work, they went out for a beer together and knew there was something very special between them. Marley told me a little bit about the moment she knew he was the one…

“About a week later when sparks really went off we got stranded at Lockett meadow because his truck didn’t start. We kept our cool and just started problem solving. Being stuck in Flagstaff for 3 days wasn’t so bad! After lots of communication and problem solving, we were able to solve the issue. We trusted each other, and that for me was a new sensation. From then I let down all of my steady & secure walls to let this amazing human into my life and I haven’t regretted a second of it.”



Marley and Daniel originally planned for their wedding to be in the forest, but they changed it up after their Airbnb canceled on them. While it was a bummer, these two made the most of it. The desert was PERFECT for them, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! They wanted to keep their day super bohemian, moody, with all the hippie vibes. They worked alongside one of my favorite vendors Cloth and Flame, and it turned out STUNNING! D + M kept it super boho chic, with triangle arches, pampas grass, and wooden tables. Their colors were super moody and warm, with burnt carnage, sage green and soft browns. Sustainability was HUGE to them, and Marley’s gown was was even handmade to be vegan, sustainable and plastic free. I love how particular they were about making sure their day was super authentic, and true to who they are.

These two made sure they had ALL their people around. There was seriously no shortage of love between this group, and the energy was electric. Their ceremony space was INCREDIBLE. They even incorporated their sweet pups! One of the best parts of these day was their VW photo bus! I love when couples bring in unique vendors like this, and everyone had a blast piling inside!


As the sun set, the sky started to glow orange. I stole these two for a bit, and my jaw was on the freakin floor. These two looked SO adorable, and so cool together. As the sun set, the party started. These two drank and danced the night away with their favorite people. Marley and Daniel ran through a super dreamy sparkler exit, and dove straight into the hot spring at their Airbnb. Yeah, wedding attire and all. These two truly prioritize laughter, and created memories to last a lifetime on their wedding day.

Loving this Moody and Bohemian Wedding? Heck yeah! Me too! If a day like this sounds like you and your love, I’d love to tag along! Feel free to reach out to me here


Rentals: @foxtailrentals
VW photo bus: @cruisinphotobus
Destination + planning: @clothandflame
Florals: @bridalwish

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