Bohemian Western Elopement at Lost Dutchman’s Park

I am so excited to share these STUNNING photos from Jessica and Kyle’s Elopement!

Every detail from Kyle and Jessica’s Bohemian Western Elopement came straight out of my dreams. From the moment I got their inquiry, I knew that their day was going to be unforgettable! I had so much fun chasing these two lovers around the desert, and Jessica’s bohemian lace gown was TO DIE FOR. Jessica and Kyle share such a genuine love, and kept a smile on my face all day long. Jessica gave me some details about their story, and it honestly brought a whole new meaning to their day, and made these photos even more special!

Their story

“Kyle and I actually were at the same high school but never knew each other that year. He claims he had eyes for me but, pffff… My family and I moved away for a year after that to Alabama, and then BACK to Mississippi the year after where I finished high school at a different high school than he did. We reconnected a little in college, but he and I had some growing up to do. Years had gone by, I had gotten into a bad marriage unfortunately when I was 21 and the only good thing to come from it was my (now) 8 year old sweet souled little boy, Gunner.

I was able to escape that marriage about 4 years ago and Kyle and I reconnected and it was like we were meant to be from the very beginning. We are the best of friends, and I think that is what makes the best relationships last. He accepted my son as his own. He also accepted my two kitties, Winslow and Salem as his own (although he used to “hate” cats and now he is the classic “dad that never wanted cats but now he likes them more than people”) LOL. We also have a rescue cat Ted, and an English Shepherd named Leo.”

How romantic is that?! One of the best parts of my job is being able to hear all kinds of fairytale love stories. Jessica and Kyle, against all odds, still found their way back to each other, and that is so special to me! I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to cross paths with them, and bring their story to life in a really unique way!

Their Elopement Vision

Jessica and Kyle knew exactly what they wanted for their elopement, and it came together PERFECTLY! They wanted to bring all kinds of bohemian, western elements together for their day. They wanted to keep things simple, and perfectly unique to them. Jessica wore a STUNNING long sleeve, bohemian lace wedding gown that left my jaw on the floor. I loved the simplicity of their arch, pressed against the mountains featuring a gorgeous floral arrangement.

One of the coolest parts of this day was how dedicated Jessica and Kyle were to making it an unforgettable experience! Prior to their elopement, they embarked on a MASSIVE road trip! Jessica really wanted to give Kyle the opportunity to take in the real “wild west” Although their guest list was intimate, there was no shortage of endless love and support for these two. Every single person that stood beside them was overwhelmed with excitement! After tying the knot, I followed behind these two as the sun set on their day. We grabbed some INCREDIBLE photos all over the desert, and took in the view of the stunning superstition mountains. The photos turned out incredible, and really capture Jessica and Kyle’s unique personalities and unforgettable day.

As head over heels with this elopement as I am? Check out this video to see what I put together!

Feeling inspired by Jessica and Kyle’s Bohemian Western Elopement? Yeah, me too! If a day like this sounds like you and your person, I’d love to tag along! Feel free to reach out to me here

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Bohemian Lace Gown: LilLambsCreation on Etsy
Planner: @cedarandsagewed

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