Wedding Tips | Should You Do A First Look?

When it comes to your wedding day, there are a few memorable moments that can stand out above everything else. These moments tend to get lost in a blur when you’re dealing with wedding day nerves. Don’t worry, everyone experiences them! However, it’s knowing how to combat these jitters that will save you a ton of stress. Our solution? A first look. Having a first look helps you calm down those wedding day jitters. It also helps you and your partner build more intimacy on a rather hectic day. Your first look can be emotional and so special. However, like many things, has had some controversy over the years. In our opinion, first looks rule. If you’ve been debating on having one on your wedding day and you’re not entirely sold on it that’s fine! So should you do a first look? Here are our wedding tips about it!

What Is A First Look?

Wedding Tips | Should You Do A First Look?

A first look is a private moment before the ceremony. It’s where you and your partner see each other for the first time on your wedding day. Your first look is a carved-out time frame during your wedding day where you and your partner can have some alone time and intimacy before the ceremony.

More Intimacy & Privacy

Wedding Tips | Should You Do A First Look?

Having a first look on your wedding day gives you and your partner more intimacy and privacy. Many couples can attest that their wedding day flies by. Before you know it you are saying bye to your guests and it feels like you and your partner have barely seen each other! The sad reality when you think about your wedding day! You are so busy with all of the fun-filled festivities and seeing family and friends, that you get distracted and it can lead to sometimes seeing your partner infrequently throughout the day. Funny though, since it is your wedding. That’s why having a first look is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to have a bit more intimacy and privacy amongst all the craziness. You have a dedicated time just for you two to have some more alone time.

More Photos

This is one of those secret wedding tips that not many wedding photographers want you to know about, but it is SO helpful. A first look is a perfect reason to get more photos done throughout your wedding day. Think of it like this, you’re literally adding a whole extra step to your day. Yeah, you may need to wake up a bit earlier and be ready in time for the first look. In the end, you are able to get even more photos than you thought, just by incorporating 20 extra minutes for a first look. If you value your photos (which if you’re reading this, I would hope you do) then adding in a first look may just be the perfect option for you and your partner!

Relieves Wedding Day Nerves

Wedding Tips | Should You Do A First Look?

Incorporating a first look on your wedding day also helps relieve some of that wedding day stress you may have. Let’s be honest, the day of your wedding can be very stressful and nerve-wracking. Months (even years) of planning have been leading up to this moment. No pressure or anything… The day finally arrives and it hits you like a ton of bricks. You are nervous, you are excited, and feeling all the emotions. At this point, all you want to see is your partner. They quite possibly are feeling the same way you are! Having a first look helps both you and your partner alleviate some of that wedding day stress and remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So many couples go through this and you will too!

Exchange Written Vows/Love Letters

It is common to have couples write intimate love letters or want to exchange personally written vows to their partner. However, the thought of sharing these intimate thoughts in front of their wedding guests makes them cringe! That’s why having a first look on your wedding day allows for the perfect allotment of time to share these vows/letters. You have some privacy and intimacy for just the two of you where you can pour your heart and soul out to each other without the pressures of guests watching.

Tip: If you don’t want your photographer to hear your vows, make sure you communicate with them! Your photographer will shoot accordingly to make sure they are a good distance to where the photos are still beautiful, but not so close where we hear every word.

Reminder: They Do NOT Ruin The Moment

There are many rumors that say that having a first look “ruins the moment” of seeing your partner walk down the aisle. I can say with confidence that this is 100% not true. Your partner may (or may not) cry as you walk down the aisle. Whether or not they have seen you before that moment plays no role in how they react! If you choose to do a first look you are able to have some more time with your partner and have a bit more privacy. However, as soon as they see you walking down the aisle the overwhelming amount of emotions could consume them. They still could cry (or not) and still be just in shock at how beautiful you look. Your first look is not a “ruining the ceremony” type moment. It’s an “enhance my wedding day for the best” type of moment.

Wedding Tips | Should You Do A First Look?

At the end of the day though, the most important thing you remember, and what I’ll continue to say time and time again is that it is YOUR wedding day. Celebrate it however you like. Don’t let anyone dictate how your wedding day should be. Whether you choose to do a first look or not, make sure you decide because it is what you and your partner want.

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