Wedding Advice | What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Searching for you dream photo & video team can seem like one of the most impossible tasks. There is so much to do and so little time and you feel like the clock is ticking. Your wedding day is coming up and you have to make a decision fast. Before you start slamming down your credit card at the first photo & video team there is one thing you need to do above everything else. It’s important before investing in a dream team, to know this one piece of wedding advice: knowing what to ask your wedding photographer & videographer before you hire them.

Knowing the right kind of questions to ask will help determine if this potential photo & video team is the right fit for you and your wedding day vision. From turnaround times, to how you get your gallery delivered. Simple, yet powerful questions that all couples should know before investing major coin in their wedding photography & videography.

Can We See Your Portfolio?

The biggest pieces of wedding advice I can give you is make sure you ask to see portfolio work. Portfolio work is essentially proof. Proof that you need to help ensure that your wedding photographer & videographer are as skilled as they say they are. It’s important when you’re on the hunt for your dream photographer/videographer, that you’re able to look at their portfolio’s before making your investment. Whether it be examples of past wedding galleries or maybe examples of if they’ve shot at your wedding venue before. These are all important things you should know before paying up.

When wedding videography is a priority for your wedding day, it’s important to also ask for examples of work as well. While it may not be a full wedding gallery like a photographer, your wedding videographer should have no issues sharing their past wedding films/highlights reels with you. For example, you can check out all of Kali M. Photos films on our film page here! Aiming to work with a wedding photographer and videographer that keep things as transparent as possible will save you a ton of stress in the long run.

Kali M. Photos also has all of their wedding films on our business Youtube channel too!

What Does Your Turnaround Time Look Like?

Wedding Advice | What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Turnaround time is basically how soon after the wedding day will you receive your fully edited wedding gallery or fully edited film. While this can vary from business to business, it’s important to know this ahead of time before dropping the cash. If you’re wanting a quicker turnaround time, it’s important to find a wedding photographer/videographer who matches up with your timeline.

However, please keep in mind when you’re making such a large investment, it’s best not to rush the process. Most wedding photographers/videographers take their time editing their galleries and films to make it the best of the best quality. Wedding photographers may take between 8-12 weeks to deliver a full gallery. While a wedding videographer may take 12-18 weeks (or longer) to deliver a wedding film. This is entirely based on them, their turnaround time, and what process goes into developing their fully finished product.

What Would You Call Your Photography & Film Style?

If you’ve been on the hunt for a wedding photographer/videographer for a while, you probably already know what kind fo style you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for more warm & moody, light & airy or true to life. Each wedding photographer/videographer will have their own style and it’s important to determine if their style fits your wants/needs. Wedding photographers almost always know what style their work leans towards. Which will help narrow down your options when it comes to finding your perfect match.

When it comes to wedding videographers and their filming style, this again, is completely different for each videographer. You want your potential wedding videographer to be able to describe their work to you, and what kind of emotions and feel they are aiming to portray through their work.

What Is You Experience Photographing & Filming Weddings?

Prior to hiring your wedding photographer/videographer, it’s important to know what kind of experience they’re bringing to the table. While experience does not always equate skill, this is one fo those “what you feel comfortable” type things. Wedding photographers/videographers who are a bit newer with less experience may charge less than someone with a bit more experience. This however, is not to say that wedding photographers/videographers who don’t have a lot of experience are not skilled. Frankly, there are many wedding creatives who are incredibly talented and have yet to have a lot of wedding experience. Again, this will be entirely based on your personal preference, your confidence in their abilities, their portfolio (most important) and how well you vibe.

How Involved Are You In The Wedding Planning Process?

Wedding Advice | What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Another piece of wedding advice for all of you newly engaged couples is to make sure you ask how involved your wedding photographer/videographer is in the wedding planning process. Being newly engaged can lead to a lot of questions and things running through your head. You basically feel like your brain is moving a million miles per minute, right? It’s important that whomever you hire for your wedding photography/videography that they are there for you in the level of support that you need. Some wedding photographers/videographers are more hands-on, while others are more hands-off. This will be entirely based on your comfortability and how involved you’re wanting your wedding vendors on your special day.

Kali M. Photos focuses on creating an intentional and immersive experience with every one of our couples. It’s important to us that to provide a level of support that is comforting to our couples. Through guides and frequent check-in emails, we’re there ensuring that every question is answered and that you’re ready for the best day of your life!

What Is It Like Working With You On The Wedding Day?

Wedding Advice | What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

The experience leading up to the wedding day is important. So is the experience on the day of. Your wedding day can be crazy as it is, so it’s important to know what to expect from your wedding photographer/videographer on the day of the wedding. When looking for a wedding photographer/videographer, make sure they’re giving you a breakdown of what kind of support they provide. On this crazy special day, you want wedding vendors who are going to uplift you, keep you sane, capture beautiful images/moments and deliver on their promises.

What Happens If You Get Sick?

Ugh, the dreaded “what happens if you get sick” question. While it’s not the most pleasant thing to discuss, it’s very important when it comes to hiring your wedding vendors. Especially your wedding photographer and videographer. Ensuring that your wedding photographer/videographer has a solid plan in case they get sick is absolutely key! This is the ultimate piece of wedding advice I can give you throughout this entire blog!!

Many wedding photographers/videographers will have trusted (and experienced) wedding creatives to take their place in the chance they get sick/there’s an emergency. No one wants to be sick on your wedding day. While we do everything in our power to avoid it, sometimes we just can’t escape it. Knowing that your future wedding photographer/videographer has a solid backup plan and someone to take their place will help ease your nerves and ensure that everything will be taken care of.

Do You Have A Backup Plan For Our Images/Film?

Last but certainly not least, please please please ask if they have a backup plan for their wedding photos/film. The worst thing imaginable is to have filmed/photographed a whole wedding just to get home and find that their SD card has corrupted. Ugh, what a nightmare! Luckily, there is an easy to fix to this. Working with a wedding photographer/videographer that carries dual SD card slots and backs up their images/film will ensure nothing gets lost or ruined. Your wedding day can never be duplicated. So ensuring that we are taking the proper measures to ensure we capture/document your day properly and safely is of the utmost importance.

Wedding Advice | What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Now let me just say, what a read, huh?! I know this was long, but hopefully well worth it. When you’re newly engaged and trying to navigate this wedding world, you should be soaking in all the wedding advice. Hopefully now you’re ready to take on wedding planning with a little bit more ease now that you know exactly what to ask your future wedding photographer and videographer.

Which btw, if you’re ever in need of an Arizona based photo & video dream team we are your people! While based in Arizona, we’re ready to travel wherever your love takes us. Inquire here to see if we’re available to document and capture your big day.

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