Simple Editorial Maternity Photos in Scottsdale 

A serene celebration unfolded at The Light Loft in Scottsdale, as Cristina and Ricky embraced the excitement of impending parenthood. Although this wasn’t our first session together! I documented their engagement and wedding in the early months of 2020, so the connection with this wonderful couple has deepened over time. Now, as they awaited the arrival of their little one, I had the privilege of capturing yet another milestone in their journey. These editorial maternity photos will be something that they can revisit as they begin the incredible journey of becoming parents!

The Vibes | Editorial Maternity Photos 

What set this maternity session apart were the vibes, because it was a celebration of timeless elegance that seamlessly intertwined with a simple editorial style. In an era where simplicity resonates deeply, the couple chose a straightforward editorial studio approach. This emphasized their authentic connection! Stripped of distractions, this session unfolded so organically. So I was really able to capture the pure and unfiltered essence of this pivotal moment in their journey.

From Engagement to Maternity Magic 

Working with repeat clients like Cristina and Ricky is special in my heart. This maternity session marked our third collaboration! I can’t express how much it means to me that they keep coming back for more moments captured through my lens. From their engagement to saying “I do,” and now embracing the glow of pregnancy, it’s like capturing the evolution of their love story in frames. Each session feels like a reunion with old friends and I’m genuinely grateful to be part of these beautiful milestones!

Bringing Visions to Life 

I love the current trend of movement black and white aesthetics and the simplicity of the editorial style. Cristina wanted exactly this vibe for her maternity session, so I was all about it! There’s magic in keeping it simple, since it focuses on the genuine connection and beauty of this significant time. If you’re drawn to this timeless editorial approach for your maternity session, let’s make it happen! Contact me on my website, and let’s create some beautiful moments together!

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