Peralta Trail Engagement Session

Peralta Trail Engagement Session

Brooke + Eric

Brooke and Eric had their engagement session at the Peralta Trail head in the Superstition Mountains. I instantly clicked with Brooke and Eric, they were hilarious, and their story is even more hilarious. Brooke and Eric met on a cruise ship. They both agreed that the second they made eye contact it was game over. They were inseparable the rest of the cruise, and were heart broken when they had to say goodbye. Brookes family thought she was a nut case for thinking she met her husband on her cruise. Her mom and grandma told her, “you’ve had too much to drink and to give it a few days”. HAAAA, fast forward to years later.

After the cruise they didn’t know what to do and were cautious to give it a go. Luckily, they did, and they toughed out long distance for about a year, traveling every weekend to Colorado or Arizona…it was an expensive relationship…. BUTTTT totally worth it. Brooke eventually made the move to Arizona and has never been happier! Brooke and Eric are each other’s soul mates and are so deeply in love. Their love truly inspires me.

Now the amazing couple is MARRIED! *WOO WHOO* I shot their wedding back in November of 2019 and I still think about it to this day. It was one of my favorite weddings and Brooke looked absolutely stunning…low key the prettiest bride I have ever seen. If you wanna go stalk them some more, here is the blog post for their Italian themed wedding.

Fun fact: during their engagement session they had the idea to recreate one of the photos from their cruise…Brooke was lying on the floor like a dead fish with Eric on top of her, kissing. They had me dying of laughter.  


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