A Taft Point Yosemite Park Couples Session 

If you’re looking for the PERFECT couples session or engagement photo location and you’re adventurous and love nature’s beauty…Hello Yosemite!! It is my absolute FAV and I would come back here again and again. I will never forget Courtney and Nick’s intimate couple sesh at Taft Point in Yosemite Park! An adventurous session for an adventurous couple.

Taft Point Yosemite Park 

If you’ve never experienced Yosemite National Park, it’s a must-visit and an adventure seeker’s dream come true! At the heart of all its awesomeness is Taft Point, with insane panoramic views of Yosemite Valley. The sunsets at Taft Point are pure magic, therefore it’s the perfect location in Yosemite to capture that golden-hour beauty. It’s the ultimate gem of the park and is a FAB location for photos, elopements, and proposals (;

A Memorable Journey to Taft Point 

Picking up Courtney and Nick just outside the park was a small adventure in itself. They couldn’t snag a car pass in time because COVID restrictions were still making things tricky. But once we made it inside, we parked our ride and started on a super easy hike through the forest – the calm before the exhilarating cliffside reveal at Taft Point. Luckily, we hit the sweet spot when it wasn’t too crowded, and we scored some breathtaking shots right from the iconic cliff without having to edit too many people out LOL!

Let’s celebrate your story with captured memories! 

Yosemite and Taft Point, my friends, are a match made in heaven for adventure-loving couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their love story. Whether you’re a California local or want to travel to Yosemite for these jaw-dropping views, I would love to help make it happen! Check out my website and if you think we would vibe, contact me! I can’t wait to meet you and tell your love story through intimate, candid photos! 

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