Adventurous Cathedral Rock Engagement Session

Kayla + Chase

Oh my gosh where do I even start with these two babes!! I had the BEST time hiking around with them in one of my favorite locations in Sedona, Arizona. We clicked like long lost best friends even though we only met that day. They were total troopers hiking on this VERY steep hike and the more we hiked up, the winder it got. I honestly love when it is windy during a session because it adds so much life & movement to the images. Kayla had the most beautiful black dress that perfectly caught the wind. I love when couples wear all black because I think it causes such great contrast from the red rocks surrounding them.

These two met when they were 16 through mutual friends and have now been together for 6 years!! One of my favorite details that they told me about their story is that they both started a farm together! My animal loving self was obsessed with hearing all about their farm life & animals. Then they eventually had to sell their farm so that they could buy a house together and have been living together ever since. Chase proposed on a cruise through California. They stopped at a shoreline village and Chase casually asked an elderly couple to take a normal smiling photo of the two of them. Little did Kayla know that he was going to propose! The elderly couple got it all on camera! They posted the photos and it is such a cute proposal!

Here is what she said about it “ After spending a day in Disney, we left our hotel for some alone time before the cruise with the family. We walked around Shoreline Village years ago after a mini vacation and fell in love with the place (literally made us consider leaving AZ to live on a boat house lol). So our walk through the town was not out of the ordinary. However when an older couple passed and Chase asked them to take a photo of us I got a little suspicious (this boy doesn’t like to take pictures and I don’t think he has ever spoken the words “can you take a photo of us”, but he knows how much they mean to me). Upon taking a normal smiling photo, he knelt down and asked if I would marry him. Not only was this the most perfect day ever, but we got to celebrate it with our family the rest of the week.”

Can’t wait to capture their wedding later this year 🙂


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